Skinny standards

Lately, it seems impossible to check Twitter without crazy dietary pills or extreme workouts cluttering my timeline. Stories of celebrities spending thousands of dollars in order to fit the Hollywood standard are not uncommon, and with social media spreading skinny standards, the search for a perfect body is making its way into KHS.

PLUS Model Magazine reports that 20 years ago, plus-sized models ranged from size 12-18; now these models range from sizes 6-14, the average woman’s size. These images set unrealistic standards which leave girls searching for perfection. These common social media advertisements remind girls they will never be thin enough.

The pressure to imitate models is so extreme, students edit their bodies to perfection. The option to Photoshop is only 99 cents away. An app, FaceTune, allows users to contort their body and airbrush away impurities. It provides tools to alter body shape, whiten teeth, perfect skin color and enhance features. It is disturbing to meet people in person who look nothing like their Instagram pictures. I have often met someone in person that looks nothing like how they advertise themselves on social media.

A study conducted by, found teen girls are more afraid of gaining weight than they are of nuclear wars, cancer or losing a parent.

Instead of annoying women in sports bras bearing unrealistic ripped bodies filling my social medias, I would rather see people who look like common students and myself following healthy lifestyles. No girl suffering from social medias standards should fight the battle alone.

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