Giving tongue-twister a new meaning

Kennady Wade, opinions writer

The thought of encountering it sends a shiver down my spine, yet it’s almost an everyday occurrence. When accidently coming face-to-face with PDA, the standard  protocol is eyes down,  ignore  and pick up the pace.

Let’s get one thing straight: couples who hold hands and give each other hugs aren’t the issue. The issue is, when I’m minding my own business, trying to get to class and have my path suddenly blocked by a couple playing tongue hockey in the middle of the hallway. It’s school, not a hot make-out spot.

KHS does a pretty good job of keeping the school from becoming an epicenter of horny teenagers, but it still happens. I will forever have the image seared into my eyeballs of a girl getting a little too close to another boy in the center of the commons or accidentally interrupting a couple at a very awkward moment (for me, not them) in the stairwell.

Personally, I try to live my life by one saying: don’t do anything in a public place you’d be embarrassed to tell your grandmother about. I’m not saying that’s how everyone should live their lives, but swapping spit and groping someone else in public seems to be something that can wait until after 2:40 p.m.

School sucks, and maybe for some people a quick game of tonsil tennis between classes is a good stress relief. However, witnessing it isn’t helping anyone else get through the day. Try painting, knitting, collecting stamps or something else, anything but that. Again, I’m not an expert on these things, but maybe storing some of that hormonal energy until after class could work wonders for a relationship.

All I’m saying is that for seven hours a day we all have to coexist in the same place. Refraining from PDA just helps make the school day a little less painless for everyone. I realize the offenders are a minority of KHS’s population, but ask anyone who’s witnessed it and they’ll tell you it’s something they wished to never have seen.

Let’s make an attempt to avoid it altogether. If not for the sake of grandmothers everywhere, then for the countless unlucky students who feel as if they’ve entered a horror movie whenever they encounter the sight. End the horror and just keep it clean until after the bell rings.