A thank you from The Kirkwood Call staff:

A thank you from The Kirkwood Call staff:

art by Tiereny Grisalano & Mikki Philippe

art by Mikki Philippe and Tiereny Grisalano
For the final issue of the year, The Kirkwood Call decided to give thanks to just a few of the many people, or groups of people, at KHS who rarely get recognition but greatly deserve it. To all those not mentioned who deserve to be: thank you. KHS wouldn’t be the same without good people who often go the extra mile. TKC thanks you.

1. Dr. Havener and the rest of the administration for protecting our first amendment rights.

2. Grade level secretaries for answering any questions and dealing with our crazy parents.

3. The night custodians for always cleaning but never getting credit.

4. Ms. Seibel for putting up with kids in the library for 34 years and being friendly regardless of the circumstances.

5. Mr. Teson for an amazing 30 years in the social studies department.

6. Officer Chad Walton for protecting us and always brightening our day.

7. The walking counselors for being willing to stop and talk, always brightening our day and being so friendly.

8. Mr. Platte, Mr. Olderman, Mr. Stoner and Mr. Harig for getting up so early to do review sessions with the AP students.

9. The two security guards for always keep our campus  safe.

10. Ms. Raimondo for starting circle of friends and including all students.

11. Bob Thomas, custodian, for having the best attitude of anyone at KHS.

12. All teachers who come in before school and stay late to help kids.