Out with summer, in with school


art by Mikki Philippe

Kennady Wade, opinions editor

School makes me crazy. It’s stressful, often making me want to cry as a result of the overwhelming amount of work. Sometimes KHS feels like a jail. The clinical-like, white classroom walls and cold, tile floors are easy to imagine as prison cells. But like America’s prison system, there are some benefits.

School offers routine. You interact with people you wouldn’t usually talk to unless you were seated next to them in fourth hour Biology. It keeps your day busy. During summer, routine doesn’t mean much. Usually the only thing that stays the same is that at some point you’ll sleep. During the school year your days are usually consistent and scheduled.

Sometimes the routine is a good thing, and sometimes that’s a bad thing. But when summer gets boring the change of pace is welcome.

In my eyes, the everyday drudgery of homework and boring classes are a small price to pay for fall nights, football games and pep rallies. By January, I’ll probably be rambling on about how ready I’m for summer, but, as of now, all I can look forward to is the excitement of another school year.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy summer, but I can’t say I’m not relieved when the school year rolls around. Mostly it’s because I get bored of summer and want a change, but summer has it’s own stressors.

One is feeling the need to hang out with friends every day, and if you can’t for some reason getting major FOMO (fear of missing out). Another one, if you’re like me, is trying to keep up with all your friends getting a tan when you have skin as white as a baby’s bottom. Trust me, when your skin is naturally ivory do not use your friend’s dark tanning oil. You won’t look like a tanned goddess, just like a peeling red onion.

Living in St. Louis also means constant humidity. Sometimes breathing in too deeply can almost give you the sense you’re drowning. Not to mention the sweat. When the heat index rises to 115 degrees and the humidity is at 90 percent, all I care to think about is chilly fall nights when my deodorant isn’t having a constant battle against my pit stains.

But summer isn’t all bad, I mean the lack of homework is more than a little refreshing. Another plus is staying up until 2 a.m. guilt-free. However, by the time school starts, a shift in the daily habit of doing nothing just feels good.

Maybe it’s because school makes me crazy, but by the first day I’ll be more then willing to trade in my aloe vera for the chains of my backpack.