Different name, same game

Logan Crews, opinions writer

We take note of when they appear on our television screens, magazine covers and radio stations. We buy their over-priced apparel for the mock signatures on the tags. We sacrifice a week’s salary to watch them in concert for a few hours. But as soon their hands slip off the reins of their perfectly manicured public presence, we forget that celebrities are human, and, well, we lose our heads.

The latest headline of concern surrounded the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It’s understandable the end of such an iconic marriage would erupt in the media but the backlash the two have received has shattered the definition of privacy. Unfortunately, I know quite a few people affected by divorce. It’s the thief of many relationships and families’ happiness. But if I wrote demeaning articles containing their true and false reasons for splitting and their children’s information and rumors of who they’re seeing next and blame it on their housekeeper and…it’s just a little too much.

Of course this stifling celeb drama goes both ways. This August, Taylor Swift was serving jury duty in Nashville, Tenn. when a flock of other jury members freaked that they were in the same room as Taylor and took some selfies. The next day, a picture of Taylor in the courthouse went viral with a caption about how heroic she is. As far as I know fulfilling a civic duty isn’t heroism, it’s just following the law. Believe it or not, even famous people have to obey laws, serve jury duty and pay taxes.

Both these occasions and more have obviously stirred up some controversy. Like, “How dare they act normal!” “They actually brush their own teeth and comb their own hair?” “Their whole life isn’t some sort of production?” Yes, yes and nope, sorry.

In the midst of the confusion of our own lives, the last thing anyone needs are the magazines lining grocery store checkout lanes. Tyra Banks, you say? Coming out of the ocean not looking unhealthily thin? What a shocker: the paparazzi don’t Photoshop, and no one cares to acknowledge her feelings. I’d say we don’t have room to judge how she looks on the blurry cover of a magazine no one’s ever heard of since she has her own show about modeling.

Yes, celebrities go through tough times. They have personal lives and relationships. They enjoy the same cereal we do in the mornings and sleep through their alarms sometimes, too. We have the same hearts that pump blood through the same living, breathing bodies. Celebrities are human.