Top 5 opinions stories of 2016

TKC staff

This past year, TKC’s opinions writers have encouraged our readers to laugh, debate, and question the social norm. With our staff editorials, we took a stand on the KSD’s failure to pass Prop A, fought back against cheating at KHS, thanked our administration and community, endorsed a presidential candidate and questioned the morality of gender norms. As individuals, we fought for racial equality, satirized presidential candidates, battled sexual assault, questioned social media and even debated the app “Pokémon Go.” Here is a compiled list of the top 5 opinions stories of 2016.

Call Ed: Less money, more problems – TKC staff

I am Donald Trump and I am Hillary Clinton – Will Drury

Call Ed: To thine own self be true – TKC staff

The elephant in the room – Kennady Wade

The double standard – Ali Randazzo

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