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Emma Verrill

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

October 26, 2017

Never before have I heard a question so outside of the box and so eye-opening that it practically begs to be answered. This game changing question could potentially change your view on the world as we know it, and I must warn that depending on personal beliefs, it could offend some people. The question is as follows:

“Is a hot dog a sandwich?”

When I heard these words during the first homeroom of the school year I was dumbfounded. I had never thought that the classic 4th of July dinner was the same as the popular lunchtime meal. It wasn’t until later, when I actually gave the idea genuine thought, that I drew some striking evidence concluding that a hot dog is actually a sandwich.

According to the Oxford Pocket Dictionary, a true German style Frankfurter hot dog is a seasoned smoked sausage typically made of beef and pork served hot in a long bun and topped with various condiments. A definition like this lends little to the imagination and gives a firm base as to what a hot dog truly is. Oxford Dictionary also defines a sandwich as an item of food consisting of two pieces of edible objects with meat, cheese, or other filling between them.

Case closed. Well, not really. For some reason it’s not so obvious to everyone. Something about the hot dog has kept it flying under the sandwich radar for centuries. The bun. It is all about the hot dog bun’s direction. That is the only thing that the hot dog has that separates it from being a sandwich. Because the hot dog is held vertically it is seen as a completely different food in the eyes of the average sandwich eater. The hot dog has been able to hide itself from being classified as a sandwich because of its vertical buns for all these years. However, the definition of a sandwich is open to all variations of bun direction. Therefore, the hot dog is without a doubt a sandwich.

After coming to this conclusion it becomes clear that other foods like the burrito, taco or even the bagel have used their ‘buns’ to sneak past these wide parameters and escape the brand of sandwich. I say this stops now.  I want the word “sandwich” to be used so often that the sandwich definition grows to a level where it becomes impossible for any one food to be regarded as too good for the sandwich title. No food is too good. And maybe, just maybe, if we begin to make people think outside of the box in that way, they may be able to apply this open mindset to other things outside the majesty of a hot dog, in fact, being a sandwich.

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