Top 5 of senior year at KHS

Adele Baughman , web managing editor

As I enter my last week of school ever at KHS, it’s hard not to look back on what has made my four years here so enjoyable. So, here are some things that all students, especially seniors, at KHS should take advantage of and enjoy.


  1. The first day of school: The first day of school for me has consisted of a backpack full of new school supplies and making a good first impression on my new teacher. However, as I walked onto campus dressed in a full Hawaiian themed outfit and showed up late to first hour because we were chanting at underclassman all morning, my excitement for senior year was unmeasurable. KHS has so many traditions and until my senior year, I didn’t even realize it. The first day of school as a senior is exciting, it’s the beginning of the last year at KHS.


  1. Going out to lunch: Senior year comes with privileges, some being leaving for lunch and parking on Dougherty Ferry lot. At the beginning of the year, it’s hard to resist wanting to leave every day for lunch. You want to be with your friends and Chick-Fil-A is so close, but it doesn’t take long until your bank account shuts this habit down. However, taking advantage of this senior privilege every once in awhile is a must. I’ve made some of my favorite senior year memories with my friends while heading out for lunch and it becomes a good break during a school day.


  1. College decisions: Even though choosing the next step after graduating from KHS can be the most stressful situation you’ve experienced in high school, it can also be the most rewarding. Waiting for acceptance letters and watching as all your friends find their perfect school while you’re still feeling completely clueless is hard, yet normal. It may seem like all your friends already have set plans after graduation, but trust me, everyone is going through this stressful time together. Just know, everything will eventually fall into place. You will find a plan that works for you and it will be the best feeling when you do.


  1. Football games: Going to football games as a underclassman is full of cheering in the stands and getting to be around all of your friends. However, in my opinion, football games as an underclassman doesn’t compare to games as a senior. Be as much involved in Kirkwood Pep Nation as you can; it will allow you to enjoy the privileges of being a senior. You are able to get onto the field during the game and run the field in overalls with the flags after every touchdown.


  1. Turkey Day Skit: The night before the Turkey Day Pep Rally is easily one of the most exciting nights for seniors. Starting right after school, you spend all night covering the walls in paper and carrying in the props designed for a theme. With constant music playing and plenty of work to do, you’re kept busy with all your classmates. The night ends with a final run through of the senior skit which only makes the anticipation for the pep rally grow even more.


I can honestly say that my years at KHS truly flew by and while I know I will miss it, I feel prepared for the next chapter. My overall advice from this piece is to make the most out of high school and find ways and the people to make sure your high school experience is as enjoyable as it should be.