Top five opinions stories of 2018

TKC Staff

The opinions section is a place that allows TKC to debate, discuss and solve topics that matter to KHS and the community. This past year, the opinions section covered a variety of diverse topics, ranging from light hearted as pop music reviews to more serious stories such as the policy on transgender inclusion in high school athletics. Each cycle, the entire staff gathers together to form a cohesive opinion on a topic that matters to us and the people in our community. We share these opinions through a staff editorial to not only express our emotion behind controversial topics, but to stir our reader’s emotions through our writing. Opinions is a section that questions societal norms. It is a place for our writers to put expression behind news that matters to them. It is a place for each writer to have a voice; a place where we can be heard.

Call Ed: Pushing down on me, pushing down on you – TKC staff

Using the restroom in peace – Logan Crews

If you’re not black don’t say it – Sha’Diya Tomlin

“Suncity” review – Charlotte Heinrich

Are we your enemy? – Thomas Birmingham