Top five opinions stories of 2019

TKC’s opinions section is a platform for all voices to be heard. Staffers work each cycle to produce columns on thought-provoking issues, aiming to start conversations and establish diversity in opinions. TKC as a whole also collaborates on Call Ed, our staff editorial, in which we discuss our collective point of view on an issue. During 2019, the opinions section consisted of a wide variety of subjects, discussing topics from self-care to LGBTQ+ education to the struggles of left-handedness. The top five opinions stories of this year explore aspects of comedy, personal experience and controversy as each author allows their voice to shine.

Go ask your mom – Olivia Silvey
Call Ed: One hit wonder – TKC Staff
“Those poor kids in Africa” – Thomas Birmingham
The Brain Issue: Very superstitious – Malcia Greene
Complicit consumerism – Logan Crews