Call Ed: Opportunity Trumps dependency


Merry Schlarman

President Donald Trump is the incumbent candidate in the 2020 US presidential election.

Due to the relevance of this election, TKC has decided to include the dissenting staff opinion (9/65) to give all students a voice. 

A representative democracy only works when the republic’s citizens actively participate in their government. The most vital way American citizens do this is through voting for a presidential candidate every four years, selecting the next person to lead this great nation. When observing the current American ballot, it’s clear who will lead our nation to exceptional heights, providing the opportunity to succeed for all that wish to acquire success. This man is, of course, the incumbent president of the United States: President Donald J. Trump. 

To put it plainly, President Trump has been phenomenal for the economy. Since his election in late 2016, the United States economy has gained nearly 7 million jobs nationwide. He created more jobs in 2019 alone than was predicted by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) for all of his first three years. Along with job growth, the U.S. economy is increasing at an unprecedented rate. The flourishing economy is clearly President Trump’s work, with the GDP growth rate surpassing both the CBO prediction and the rate of the Obama Administration. With average worker earnings increasing 3.4 percent in just one year of Trump’s presidency, he is the only option to drive our country to economic success.

Average worker earnings increased 3.4% in just one year of Trump’s presidency.”

When COVID-19 entered the U.S., President Trump enacted a travel restriction to China and parts of Europe. Joe Biden criticized him, calling the President “hysterically xenophobic” in his actions. However, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary, Alex Azar, agreed with President Trump’s decision, stating the ban was in accordance with all HHS recommendations.

In terms of COVID-19 response, Biden seems to forget medical work is extremely expensive, leaving his plan largely ineffective. His entire strategy to fight COVID-19 is based around the testing, treatment and vaccination of patients, all for free. He will do this by amending several national policies, primarily the Public Health Service Act and Social Security. Healthcare providers will have to cover the cost of COVID-19, subsidized by the national government. But where does that money come from? The pockets of hard-working Americans — higher taxes. Biden wishes to tax the American people more, hurting every citizen, even those who haven’t contracted the virus. While President Trump’s COVID-19 plan prioritizes the safety of the vulnerable and allowing the economy to function, Biden’s would force people to pay for another’s medical bills, something not in line with the capitalist values that our country succeeds upon. 

Most importantly, President Trump and his administration stand for the idea of opportunity in America. He wishes for American citizens to succeed on their own accord, to make progress in the world under their own power. As president, he approved the First Step Act in 2018. This law provides criminals that display good behavior in prison to be rewarded with shortened sentences, allowing them to return to society.

President Trump and his administration stand for the idea of opportunity in America.”

However, Biden, similar to the majority of Democratic politicians, preaches the idea of dependency on his party members. Biden believes the government should be largely responsible for the success of Americans, something shown through his policies that require trillions of national spending for new programs. Based on the morals set in stone by our founding fathers, the American dream is to prosper through hard work and determination. However, by allowing a portion of the population to become compliant with receiving handouts, they lose the dedication required to truly want something, lowering their motivation to advance in society. 

We have two options come November. The strong businessman who has proven he can support the American people and economy, President Donald J. Trump, or a man who seems to have lost his touch with reality and the American people, Joe Biden. Biden has shown he is unfit for this responsibility. It is imperative to allow President Trump to continue creating a legacy of opportunity and success with four more years in office. The minority faction of TKC proudly and strongly endorses the President Incumbent, Donald J. Trump.