Joe Biden for presidency

“If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and I cannot stand by and watch that happen,” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said as he announced his 2020 run for President.

Biden, a member of the Democratic party, was a U.S. Senator for Delaware for 36 years and Vice President of the United States under President Barack Obama for two terms. There is no better candidate right now to be our next President. There are 100 reasons to vote for Biden, but here are three to highlight: he is going to continue to work on expanding healthcare, invest in education and rebuild relationships with U.S. allies.

Thao-Vi Do

In March of 2010, Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that helped extend healthcare insurance coverage to millions of Americans with Biden right by his side. According to the article “Dr. Alvarez Shares ACA Success Story” from the website Michigan Medicine, it is proven that the ACA has an impact on not just one patient, but millions more. A 59-year-old patient of Dr. Alvarez received insurance from the ACA after not receiving a health maintenance exam for several years. Because of the ACA, patients have managed to get the health care they need and no longer are suffering in pain. Joe Biden’s website explains that Americans’ struggle with health insurance fell from 44 million to 27 million people thanks to Obamacare, nearly a 40% drop. If we want the percentage to drop more, we must find a solution: that solution is Medicare. Medicare will help provide another option when it comes to insurance. If your insurance company isn’t giving you the help you need, the Biden Plan will give you the option to purchase public health insurance. Biden explains he’s going to continue to build and protect The Affordable Care Act. According to Biden’s website, to do so, he plans to give Americans more choice, reduce health care costs and make the health care system less complex to navigate. 

Biden also has plans to assist with student loans. Many students are suffering through loan relief because of COVID-19. According to CNBC, he plans to help pay off loans of students with an income under $125,000. This applies to tuition-related expenses for public colleges and universities. In response to COVID-19, Biden’s plan calls for taking up to $10,000 in all federal student debts. 

I would finance this new student debt proposal by repealing the high-income ‘excess business losses’ tax cut in the Cares Act.”

Biden said at his South Carolina primary rally. “That tax cut overwhelmingly benefits the richest Americans and is unnecessary for addressing the current COVID-19 economic relief efforts.” 

Besides expanding Medicare and helping to pay off student loans, Biden also plans to invest in education. According to Biden’s website, his goal is to prepare middle and high school students for more advanced jobs. The Biden Education Plan will allow students to earn an industry credential upon high school graduation. A credential like this will help guide them into a good paycheck for their future job. The students that participate in higher quality careers and technical education have higher chances of graduating, earning industry credentials and enrolling in college. By having all of this, they have higher opportunities of employment and higher earnings. Biden plans to provide high-quality, universal pre-kindergarten to all children ages 3-4. He knows that finding high-quality pre-K is extremely costly, and without it exist potential lifetime consequences for their children. Universal pre-K will help close achievement gaps in students, ease the financial burden on families, promote labor participation and lift critical early childhood education workforces, like teachers, out of poverty. 

The support system for children and parents proposed by Biden is also integrated into the Affordable Care Act. The Obama administration funded voluntary home visiting

programs to help get parents through the early critical stages of parenting. These programs can offer families information on preventive health and parental practices, child development milestones and behaviors, breastfeeding support and general help in navigating the early stages of parenthood. Home visiting has been proven to improve reading, maternal health, child health and reduce child maltreatment. Biden plans to double the funding going to support families with young children so more families can benefit from this program annually. 

If we want success in our country, we must rebuild our relationships with allies, which is exactly what Biden plans to do if elected. According to an article written in The Palm Beach Post, Biden will need to come up with new approaches to give off the impression that we, as a country, can be a responsible world power. In order for him to do so, Biden takes into consideration what Trump has done and plans to change accordingly.

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To start, Biden has promised to rejoin the 2015 Paris Climate Accord, the World Health Organization and other international agencies shunned by Donald Trump. Biden is very passionate and likes to be active with the country as a whole. With no fellowship in any of these agencies, we can’t say that we’re a responsible world power. “The America I see does not wish to turn our back on the world or our allies,” Biden said. “We will be back.” We don’t want to turn our back on our allies, but we did it by putting up a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Biden plans to stop the work on the wall. If we want to rebuild trust, we have to give them a ‘gift,’ so much as a resolution to COVID-19. 

Since COVID-19 has started, Trump has failed to use his leadership during the pandemic to create a solution. Instead, Biden plans to change Trump’s failure into success. Within the Obama Administration was Biden, pushing them to release stockpiled vaccines and other emergency equipment during the 2009 swine flu pandemic. Now, Biden plans to ensure free testing for anyone in need for the coronavirus. According to Biden’s website, individuals, regardless of their immigration status, shouldn’t have to pay out of their own pockets for visits where tests were ordered. To speed all these testings for the virus, and to protect the healthcare workers, Biden calls to establish at least ten mobile testing sites and drive through facilities per state.  

If Biden is able to stick to his plan of expanding healthcare, investing in education and rebuilding relationships with allies, he will have a very successful and productive presidency. His plans for this country will be more productive and have higher success rates than anything Trump has done in the last four years. Joe Biden 2020.