If you miss the Friendship Dance


Elizabeth Riti

Even though the dance is canceled you can still take Friendship dance pictures at Kirkwood Park

The Friendship Dance: one of the few times a year when students can get together in dresses, corsages, heels and suits in a packed gym to dance to loud music. There are many traditions associated with the Friendship Dance: making cheesy signs to ask each other to the dance, friends getting ready at each other’s house and going out to eat, taking pictures in Kirkwood Park and all the fun with friends that comes after the dance itself. With its cancellation this year, many students might believe that the ability to make these memories is lost. However, there are still other ways to get into the true spirit of the Friendship Dance and celebrate while still following CDC guidelines


If you miss the cheesy friendship dance proposals

Even though the dance is canceled, you can still have your own mini celebration. Even if it’s just a small celebration (where you can dance while leaving room for COVID) you can make cute signs and ask friends or crushes to the dance. You could send friends a video message asking them, or even ask over FaceTime. You can give each other corsages, and have fun with it. Just because the dance isn’t taking place doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate in your own (safe) way.


If you miss getting dressed up and taking pictures with friends

Nothing is stopping you from getting dressed up and hanging out with friends even if it is outside and far apart. First, find a cute dress or tux, either from the store, a thrift shop or your closets and wear matching masks. Then get together a small number of friends and choose a location for the photo shoot. In an open area like a pumpkin patch, a park or a friend’s backyard, you can take the perfect pictures for social media and memories. If you simply want to get fancy without all the photos, you can go random places in formal wear for the fun of it, like to Target or out to get food. 

If you miss the dancing 

If it’s the dancing that you or your friends miss, you can always set up a speaker in someone’s backyard and dance. You could all dance in different areas in the yard, masks and six-feet can’t stop you from having a fun time. You don’t have to wear fancy clothes — you could all wear pajamas if you wanted. You can make a playlist and simply enjoy good music with friends, dancing around like crazy and having fun. And if you don’t really want to dance outside, you could even plan a dance over zoom or FaceTime. With one person in charge of music you could all have fun from the comfort of your own home. 


If you miss the post-dance fun

If what you miss is the excitement that comes after the dance, when your feet ache from wearing dress shoes and you just step out of the warm gym into the cold night air excited to go hang out with friends, you can still do some of those activities. You could have a bonfire, watch a movie outside or even get take out and eat a few feet apart. You can do all these actions later in the evening to get the true post-dance feeling. 

With the dance being around the middle of first semester it’s a good time to have fun with friends and get rid of school- or home-related stress. But with its cancellation this year, many are disappointed. Whether you’re missing one specific thing about the dance, or all of it, there are still many different ways you can celebrate safely. It might not be the Friendship Dance itself, but it’s still a way to make lasting memories.