Style trends of 2020


Emma Frizzell

2020 was a year full of many things, one of them being fashion trends. Check out “Style trends of 2020” to see the top styles of the year.

Let’s face it – 2020 was a disaster. It seemed as though every aspect of our lives came to a screeching halt. However, time marched on, and so did fashion trends. Despite the uncertainty that came with the year, many people found consistency in simply picking out their clothes to wear. Due to this unusual year, many people turned to TikTok and social media platforms such as Instagram for entertainment, and also to find inspiration for their clothes.

1. White Nike Air Force 1
While these Nikes originally came out in 1982, they rapidly gained popularity over the past year. While scrolling through the TikTok For You page, it’s almost impossible to avoid seeing someone wearing a pair of Nike Air Force 1s. These sneakers are a staple in many closets and are a surefire way to bring an outfit together. Many of the users on the platform took the trend a step further and customized their Nike’s, giving them a one-of-a-kind look.

2. Tennis skirts
In 2020, tennis skirts were often found not on the court, but rather styled as streetwear. Tennis skirts are the perfect basic piece in any wardrobe, and can be paired with sweatshirts, collared shirts, crop tops and more. Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melvile are just a couple examples of retailers who have stocked their shelves with the popular pleated skirt over the course of last year.

3. Vintage sweaters
2020 appeared to be the year of thrifting, with many teens flocking to their local Goodwills to search the racks for new items to add to their wardrobe. Inexpensive, secondhand clothing rose in popularity, as well as repurposing vintage clothing, such as “grandma” sweaters. These sweaters often have a tacky but overall comforting vibe, and can be paired with skirts and jeans.

4. Hair accessories
Hair accessories were all the rage in 2020, with many teens drawing their “hairspo” from TikTok. Chunky barrettes were added to any hairstyle as an easy way to spice up the look. Butterfly clips also reemerged in the fashion scene this past year, after the short-lived trend of wearing them in the early 2000s. Bandanas were a very popular choice as well with many people coordinating their outfits with the color of their bandana.

5. Cow Print
One of the most surprising trends[ of 2020 was the popularization of cow print. Not only did the farm-animal inspired print flood social media platforms, but also the highly regarded runways of fashion month. Throughout the year, it was extremely common to find people of all ages wearing cow printed clothing, shoes, purses, sunglasses and more to spice up their looks. Just about anything that could be covered in the print, was.