Do’s and don’t’s of Valentine’s Day


Kain Stobbe

Wondering how to spend your Valentine’s day? Here’s some advice on how to make the day fun.


National Singles Awareness Day, or as some call it, “Valentine’s Day,” is on the horizon again. Although some people think this holiday was created by Hallmark to sell more cards during the dreary winter months, it was actually celebrated for the first time almost 1,500 years ago. In the 300s, February 14 was designated as a day to celebrate St. Valentine, who was associated with courting and love (as well as beekeeping and epilepsy — soooo romantic). Whether you go all out for V-Day, think it’s a corporate scam or are somewhere in between, here is some advice for how you do and don’t want to celebrate this lovely day. 


If you have a valentine:

DON’T: Put too much pressure on this day to be special. This often only results in disappointment. Remember, the best memories are formed when you’re up for anything. 

DO: Focus on spending time with your valentine. Pick an activity you both enjoy — eating at a favorite restaurant, watching a movie, going for a long walk — that you can do together while enjoying each other’s company. 

DON’T: Spend too much money on a flashy, cliché Valentine’s gift. A giant teddy bear holding a heart is cute on Valentine’s Day and tacky the other 364 days of the year. 

DO: If you and your valentine decide to get each other gifts, pick something that will be meaningful to them. Thoughtfulness goes farther than money — get something that your valentine will cherish and remember rather than something expensive. 


If you’re celebrating Singles Awareness Day: 

DON’T: Focus on the romantic aspect of the holiday. Spending the day scrolling through corny couple posts will make the day feel unbearable. 

 DO: Remember that self-love is just as important as romantic love. Take yourself on a date, do some self care, treat yourself to your favorite snacks — do something to make YOU feel special on this holiday. 

DON’T: Ask someone out or start a relationship. It’s cheesy, it’s overdone and no one wants an anniversary on Valentine’s Day. Plus, chances are a relationship forged on the most love filled day of the year won’t last long. 

DO: Take the day as an opportunity to show your loved ones your appreciation. Get flowers for your mom, give chocolates to your friends or write cards to show them how much you care. 


The Greek language has six different words for love: Agape (unconditional or familial love), Eros (passionate or intimate love), Philia (love between friends), Storge (love between family members), Philautia (self-love) and Xenia (love through hospitality and relationships). There are countless different ways to feel love and express love. No matter how you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, tell someone important to you how much you love them.