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Holland Hilgendorf

Here are my opinions on 16 courses offered at KHS.

Thought you were done making your schedule? (Not until you read this)

You may have already filled out your schedule form for next year. If you have, it’s good that KHS is flexible with schedule changes because I have some crucial pieces of information to share with you. The following are my reports on 16 different classes. So from someone who’s had a few years worth of picking up on the gossip of which classes suck and which classes don’t, I hope I can make next year run a little smoother.

Accelerated Physics
Online PE
Honors Geometry
Honors Chemistry
Honors Precalculus
AP United States History
(Language) III
Drawing I
AP Art History
PeLA Health/Personal Finance
AP Government
AP Human Geography
Public Speaking
IP/Study Block/Off-Campus
Intro to Law

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