Senior Column: Benji Wilton

College: Rice University

Major: Economics

“Mr. Furious.” My parents gave me that nickname when I was little for my intense stubbornness that never seemed to let up. Performing tasks conventionally wasn’t in my nature. My fastball always drifted to the left in little league, and I still have one of the most awkward three-point shots you’ll ever see. I wrote about half of the alphabet from the bottom up, and at family dinners I wouldn’t budge for hours before I tried the casserole on the table.

Almost four years ago, my flexibility was tested unlike ever before. Instead of transitioning directly from NKMS to KHS, my family took a detour to the Chicago suburbs. Rather than a Pioneer, I became a Glenbrook South Titan.

My time in Chicago was short-lived, as my family moved back to Kirkwood before my sophomore year. But I learned a lot during this period. I learned about my confidence. I learned about my capabilities. I also learned that Cubs fans have no idea what they’re talking about. No, David Ross should not be an All-Star, moron.

But I digress. Most importantly, I learned that life is fluid. This was only reinforced throughout my time at Kirkwood. I witnessed the rise and fall of the empire that was the Pride Center lunch squad, and I made two great friends who both moved away. Shoutout to Ainsley Fox and Kylan Lane.

Make the best of changes going on in your life, and don’t be “Mr. Furious.””

Sure, there were some constants along the way. The STL Drip experienced three years of greatness. Quiplash games were consistently zesty, regardless of who was playing. I continue to take my girlfriend to the same three restaurants over and over. But each year at KHS has looked vastly different.

Our current reality has inspired me to discuss one of the most underappreciated groups I can think of: “school friends.” Since we aren’t able to go back to KHS before the end of the school year due to COVID-19, I’ll miss not being able to reunite with these peers one last time.

It’s important to find what makes you happy and stick with it. But I’ve learned to recognize that change is inevitable. Make the best of changes going on in your life, and don’t be “Mr. Furious.” In the meantime, to all my “school friends”: love you guys.