Chase Kilby

OCD nightmare part 2

September 28, 2016

*This blog is entirely satirical

We1come to he11 part two. 0h, I’m sorry, does it bother you that I’m using the number 1 instead of the 1etter “L”? 0r that the 1etter “O” at the beginning of these 1ast two sentences are really 0’s? We11 too bad. If you think that’s annoying, you might want to stop reading now because it’s about to get a who1e 1ot worse. Here at The Parsnip, we aren’t satisfied with our previous 1ist of 21 things at the school that drive kids with perfectionism crazy, so we decided to add 22 more. Why 22? Because we cou1dn’t give you the satisfaction of another 21, and we’re not satisfied un1ess you’re not satisfied. So enjoy your s1ow, 22 step descent into he11!

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