Photo gallery: Great Trails cross country meet 11/18

Mary Frizzell, photographer

Members of the Kirkwood Boys Cross Country team assembled their own race called the Great Trails Meet on Saturday, Nov. 4. Thirty-six boys divided into six teams participated in the 2.3 mile course that went through Kirkwood Park. The tradition began in 2016 when Christian Baker posed the idea to Ethan Lobdell of creating a race solely for Kirkwood runners to race each other. At the end of the race each boy got a place number, with the winning group being team “Mercury” with Christian Baker, AJ Wallach, Tommy Domian, Atticus Bute, and Sebastian Baker.


In contrast to the previous year, Ethan Lobdell comments, “I think the course was a lot better than last year. We really tried to design the course so it goes where we don’t go during practices to keep it fresh and fun.”