Balloon release for Alydia Johnson, sophomore 4/23/19

Kelley Cochran, photographer

On Tuesday afternoon, KHS students and faculty gathered near the Essex entrance to hold a balloon release for Alydia Johnson, sophomore, who passed away on April 10, 2019.

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  • Students tie their written messages to their balloons.

  • Neon Luster, senior, reads his message on the card.

  • Oscar Rodiguez, sophomore, shares his favorite things about Alydia.

  • Brendan Tilly, junior, shares his favorite memories with Alydia.

  • Students release their balloons into the sky.

  • Students write messages to tie onto the balloons.

  • Avery Grabau and Jess Cohen, sophomores, Everette Saylor, freshman, and Kaleigh Bendoff, sophomore, blow bubbles after the balloon release.

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