Photo gallery: Kirkwood racquetball practice Feb. 13, 2022


Elizabeth Riti

Emily Butler, junior, serves the ball during a practice doubles match.

Over 100 students participate in the KHS racquetball program. It’s open to all levels, including beginners who have never played the sport. For many, racquetball is a turning point in their high school career. “I would say in many ways racquetball helped define who I am,” Daniel Witt, KHS racquetball coach and alum, said. “I was kind of lost in high school, I didn’t really know who I was, and it gave me something to work for.” 

KHS’s racquetball team meets every Sunday afternoon and Monday night from September to March. They have matches throughout the week based on skill level, ranging from JV3 to varsity. The team’s season will end in a few weeks at nationals March 2-6.