Photo Gallery: Earth Day

Imagine a world with no clean air, no trees, no clear blue sky. Imagine if the flowers never blossomed, the trees couldn’t grow back, you couldn’t see the sun shine down on your day. This is what could happen if we humans don’t take care of our one and only earth. Today is the 52 anniversary of celebrating National Earth Day, an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. In honor of Earth Day I have taken pictures of beautiful nature you can find around Kirkwood. Ruth Baldwin, a retired science teacher from NKMS shares her insight about Earth Day.

“I will celebrate Earth Day by taking a long walk and looking at nature, then I will work in my garden. I am putting up more bird houses this year too,” Baldwin said. “ The big message I would give to the young generation is that you can make a difference. Climate change is happening and everyone needs to come together to slow down the effects. People have to trust in the science.”