Photo gallery: fall play The Government Inspector

Kara Rieger, photographer

This fall, KH Players put on The Government Inspector October 6th-8th. “I love the process of putting together the show,โ€ Sydney Jones, sophomore, said. “I love getting to put on and tell the story of the show, and I especially love all of the people involved, including the cast, crew, and director. I choose to partake in the shows, because again I enjoy acting and telling the stories. Everyone involved is so helpful and supportive. They all help me grow as an actress.”


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  • Sydney Jones, sophomore, puts on stage makeup for her part as Marya before the Government Inspector dress rehearsal October 5th.

  • Elizabeth Flad, sophomore, crew member helps out backstage before dress rehearsal. "[I participate in crew for] the fun of learning new skills with a group of people who have similar interests as you."

  • Olivia Squires, sophomore, waits backstage before she enters dress rehearsal.

  • Sydney Jones, sophomore, and Marissa Young, junior, and Jared Goudsmit, sophomore, perform in dress rehearsal before opening night.

  • JJ Noa, junior, plays the role of Hlestakov as he contemplates suicide.

  • The postmaster, played by Myksean Blair, junior, reads a letter from the government inspector. The mayor, played by Jared Goudsmit, sophomore, the judge played by Justin Sweeny, junior, and the hospital director played by Hannah Moorhead, sophomore, gather around to listen.

  • Olivia Squires, sophomore, argues with JJ Noa, junior, about not paying for room service.

  • Noah Rowan, sophomore, and Aly Terry, sophomore, have fun backstage dancing before dress rehearsal.

  • Sarah Morgan, junior, dresses for her role as the doctor before dress rehearsal.

  • Camille Nunes, sophomore, crew member touches up costumes before dress rehearsal.

  • TKC gets a look backstage of Government Inspector props before dress rehearsal.

  • Grace Banjak, sophomore, crew member hands out programs and greets audience members before the Government Inspector October 8th.

  • Tickets were sold to students for $7 and $10 for adults.

  • Blaine Reid, sophomore, crew member passes out programs Saturday night, October 8th.

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