VOK: office assistant and cadet

TKC interviewed Ricky Maddock and Zoë Powell, juniors, to figure out the most interesting things they get to do as an office assistant and a student cadet.

Photo by Katie Hackett

TKC: What do you do as an office assistant?

Maddock: “I run passes whenever [Mrs. Denton] needs me to and just help her out and help around the office. I like helping her out and it’s kind of fun.”

TKC: What’s the best thing you’ve gotten to do?

Maddock: “Uh…I guess running passes.”

TKC: Is there something really strange you’ve had to do?

Maddock: “We’ve passed out some detentions to some of my friends just to mess with them.”


Photo by Annie O’Brien

TKC: What’s your favorite part of being a cadet?

Powell: “It’s really nice to help a teacher and also get to help other students out. I feel like I’m really expanding my Spanish knowledge because [I] take in so much information while grading. I get to help put out activities and make things for other people. [Being a cadet has] made me have a closer relationship with my Spanish teacher, because I’m awkwardly a junior in a sophomore class.”

TKC: What’s the most interesting thing that has happened to you as a cadet?

Powell: “I’m a cadet for Señora Keoller’s first period. That class is crazy. I think the most interesting [thing] was when we had all the German kids come in dressed up as these little demon monster things and the entire class started freaking out. Or maybe all the Kahoot! games with inappropriate names. There’s so many things. It’s just a new adventure every day.”