Top 5 photo projects of 2016

Adaline Bray, Photo Editor

The Kirkwood Call photographers had many opportunities in 2016 to capture the dynamic of Kirkwood High School. The photographers shot at a range of events including games, clubs and other activities in the students’ lives. The successes of our varsity sport teams such as volleyball, softball and basketball are represented in the top photo galleries of 2016. Also included is a gallery featuring a student who wanted to raise money for childhood cancer research in memory of her swim mate who had recently passed away. These photo galleries are a representation of the students at Kirkwood High School and their lives as a whole.

Photo gallery: varsity softball vs. Parkway West – Lauryn Miller

Sophia Roth goes bald for St. Baldrick’s – Claire Wever

Girls’ varsity basketball final four games – Gabi Baker and Julia Bailey

Boys’ varsity basketball vs. Lafayette – Jordan Roundtree

Girls’ varsity volleyball vs. Webster at the district tournament Oct. 17 – Zachary Clingenpeel

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