Photo Gallery: Mr. KHS 2019


On a chilly Wednesday night at KHS, parking lots filled and nerves soared as the annual Mr. KHS competition commenced. The pageant fundraiser is put on by the KHS Dance Team and all of the ticket money raised goes to the team. KHS boys of all grade levels sign up to represent their clubs and sports ranging from “Mr. Bee Club” to “Mr. Boys’ Swim and Dive.”

The contestants had to compete in three rounds: introductions, group dance, formal wear, and if they weren’t eliminated by judges, one question interviews. In the one question interviews, Connor Costello, senior and Mr. Bee Club, started his answer buzzing like a bee. He said he had the idea to buzz like a bee, similar to the way Barry Benson in Bee Movie sounded to humans, from his friend in the competition Jacob Ewen, senior and Mr. Senior Class.

At the end of the competition, four titles of Mr. Congeniality, Mr. KHS second runner-up, Mr. KHS first runner-up and finally Mr. KHS were awarded to four contestants. The titles, along with bragging rights, included gift certificates to Circle 7 Ranch and discounts for tux rentals. At the end of the night, only four students could claim the prizes and the winners were:

Mr. Congeniality: Seth Wiseheart, senior

Mr. KHS second runner-up: Cooper Wise, senior

Mr. KHS first runner-up: Arvell Ferguson, senior

And finally Mr. KHS for the 2018-19 school year: Jared Goudsmit, senior.

Goudsmit, who’d competed last year as Mr. Filmmaker’s Club was thrilled to receive the crown. He said he is honored, especially because the other competitors gave a good fight.

“It’s truly an honor,” Goudsmit said. “The competition was incredible. Some most honorable lads competing for their respective clubs. It’s terrifying up there when you know that half of the guys are about to be cut and then the remainder will be answering interview questions. It’s a truly heart-pounding experience, just exhilarating.”