Police Beat: 2/16-2/22

TKC Staff

On Thursday, 02-19-15, officers were dispatched to the area of Manchester Road west of North Kirkwood Road for a report of a vehicle nearly striking several other vehicles as it traveled on Manchester Road. Officers located the vehicle and arrested the adult driver for driving under the influence of alcohol.


On Sunday, 02-22-15 police received a report of destruction to property in the 12000 block of Big Bend. Two vehicles had their tires punctured while parked on a nearby parking lot.


Kirkwood Police arrested two adults for shoplifting merchandise from Kirkwood area businesses during the week of Monday, 2-16-2015, through Sunday, 2-22-2015. The incidents occurred at retail stores located in the 1000 block of South Kirkwood Road and 400 block of North Kirkwood Road. Both cases were referred to Municipal Court.

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