Senior Profile: Cara Palombo

April 12, 2017


A gasp sweeps across the audience as she makes her first appearance flying across the stage, holding an umbrella in one hand and a bag in the other. She is the star of the show: Mary Poppins. This moment was one of Cara Palombo‘s favorite memories from being a part of the KHS drama program.

“[Theater] is the one thing that clicked for me,” Cara said. “Nothing compares to being on stage and having all the lights on you. I hate public speaking, so it’s weird that I can stand on a stage and perform in front of a bunch of people. When you take on a role as a different character, not only yourself, then you can tell a thousand different stories in one show and it means something different to every person in the audience.”

Although Cara is undecided on which college she is attending, she plans on majoring in musical theater. She hopes to have a performance-based job where she can travel, such as on a cruise line or on a national tour. Cara is also thinking about going into theater education.

“She’s got an amazing voice, she’s a great dancer, she has a tremendous audition when she comes in and she’s focused and she stands out right away,” Kelly Schnider, drama teacher, said. “You can see immediately that she’s somebody to be reckoned with, and that’s going to serve her well.”

When applying to theater programs at colleges, there is a separate application process. According to Cara, some schools have a pre-screening where you have to audition by sending in an audition video and they follow up with a campus call-back. Cara hears back about her acceptance into programs during March and April.

“It’s definitely a lot of waiting and I’ve had to do a lot of traveling this year for auditions,” Cara said. “It’s been hard to keep up with school work and auditions and everything, but all my teachers have been pretty understanding of the process and know that it is in pursuit of a higher education. It’s also hard because a lot of people in my class already have their roommates and know where they’re going and everything, and I still haven’t gotten to that point yet.”

Cara has been involved in theater since she was eight when she played a kangaroo in “Seussical the Musical”. Freshman year, she decided to try out for “Spamalot” and instantly fell in love with KH Players.

“I hope that she feels like she’s had a good enough experience in high school to set her up for college to be the next step,” Schnider said. “My goal for college programs is that they don’t have a bunch of bad actor habits and to not be a diva, and to be ready to work and ready to jump in and that they’ve had enough professional education experience that they are ready. My hope is that [Cara] had a great experience with a wide variety of people and made memories throughout the shows that she thought were worth her time.”


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