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Senior Profile: Andrew Jones

April 24, 2017

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Senior Profile: Andrew Jones

Adaline Bray

In the halls wearing his hats and Vans, Andrew Jones can be seen joking and laughing with his friends. If you talk to him long enough you may get to hear him freestyling or talking about life as a whole. It’s rare to catch him unhappy. Especially when you get him to talk about the things he loves.

Since Andrew was in seventh grade, he has been passionate about making music. Now a senior, his dreams of becoming a rapper and musical producer are closer than ever. Inspired by artists like Tyler The Creator, Odd Future and Childish Gambino, he has found his flow and rap style.

“When I listen to their music, I feel like I’m listening to myself rapping,” Andrew said. “Tyler is like the weird,smart one that nobody really understands, and Gambino is the nerdy, black kid. I just connect with them on those things.”

Andrew’s love of all arts flows into his love of poetry. Andrew is president of K-Word, KHS’s slam poetry team and he has been a part of K-Word since freshman year. Poetry is a release for him, a way to talk out his problems in a creative way, and makes it easier to express himself while connecting to his music, he said. The club helped him see different perspectives in the lives of people who share their poems, and shaped him into a more confident leader, he said. Andrew likes to write about the “Three R’s” in his poetry: race, romance and real life.

The only other thing Andrew loves more than his music and poetry is his family. As the only boy out of five girls, however, he had to find his own style. Though it has not always been easy to live in a house full of girls his whole life, knows he has to be there for his sisters and take care of them, he said.

“He’s funny, annoying and loving,” Aaliyah Jones, Andrew’s sister, said. “But I know he loves me, and I love him. I know he is very passionate about his music, and his style is different. I look up to him because he never gives up on the things he loves, which makes me want to keep doing the things I love.”

The hardest thing for him to come to terms with for when he graduates is saying goodbye to his underclassmen friends. Andrew and Osiris Gray, sophomore, have been best friends since junior year. They clicked with their personalities and shared the same interest in music.

“He is a really chill dude,” Osiris said. “Andrew is my homedog, my homie, my dude. I’m going to miss him when he graduates. We will still hang out though.”

Through his fun, wild, yet slow senior year Andrew has made unforgettable friends and memories. He can not wait to graduate to see what will happen next for him.

“I just want to leave my mark at [KHS],” Andrew said. “In about 20 years, I want to do a bunch of stuff like making music, falling in love and having a family. I just want to be happy and successful.”

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