Senior Profile: Ann Glosson

Bridget Snider, features writer

If you know Ann Glosson, it is probably for her bright personality and her sense of humor. If you don’t know Ann, it’s probably her smile that first catches your attention. Ann is one of the happiest people you will ever meet. Her vibrant smile shines from ear to ear, as her heart opens up to share all that she loves in the world.

“She brings life to everything she does,” Yvonne Hasenmueller, special education teacher, said. “She has the sweetest personality and brings smiles with her wherever she goes.”

Ann’s eyes glisten with joy when she talks about what she loves. From movies to baseball and all of her favorite foods, it does not take long to see what brings the most excitement into Ann’s life. She loves to dance and party and is always up for either of those things.

“When you first meet her, it might seem like she’s shy,” Hasenmueller said. “But once she gets to know you, she’ll open right up.”

Over her four years at KHS, Ann has made countless memories. Her favorites include Friday Night Lights and Special Olympics, which have given her the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and try new things.

“I liked being in front of all the people,” Ann said. “It made me feel like a champion.”

“I liked being in front of all the people, it made me feel like a champion.””

— Ann Glosson

Ann gave the commencement speech at this year’s Special Olympics, a nonprofit organization that allows kids and adults with intellectual disabilities to participate in a series of sports at schools and other locations all across the country.

“I’m proud of her every day,” Hasenmueller said. “But seeing her run the torch and give her speech at Special Olympics was one of the proudest moments I’ve had with her.”

In November, Ann won the 2016 Ms. MO Teen Butterfly Dreams Queen competition. Butterfly Dreams is a nonprofit organization that holds events, like pageants, that give new opportunities to learn, grow and experience new things. Many of these individuals would not otherwise get that experience.

“She got to be in the St. Louis Thanksgiving parade,” Carolyn Hrach, Ann’s mom, said. “She gets to do the first pitch at a River City Rascals baseball game over Memorial Day weekend, too.”

Ann’s love for baseball can be seen in the many Cardinals shirts she wears, most of them with the number ‘4’ on the back to represent her favorite player, Yadier Molina. Besides baseball, another one of Ann’s favorite things, coffee, is not easy to pass up.

Sophomore year, Ann became one of the co-founders of Pioneer Perks, KHS’ coffeeshop. Ann’s Special, an iced coffee with half mocha and half french vanilla, quickly became one of the most popular menu items.

“She’s done a really great job with the coffee shop,” Hasenmueller said. “Even when we would only have one or two customers a day, she would always stay happy and positive.”

After she graduates, Ann will continue working in food services, as she does at Pioneer Perks, at Maritz in Fenton. As part of the vocational services program, VSP, Ann will be able to learn and develop job, as well as life, skills that will help her find more jobs in the future.

“I’m sad about leaving Kirkwood,” Ann said. “But I’m ready for my next adventure.”