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Abbey Painter

Senior Column: Julia Bailey, Christian Heutel and Gabi Baker

May 7, 2017

Walking into freshman year with our empty backpacks hiked all the way up our backs and lunchboxes in hand, we never expected to be sitting here writing our senior column together about our incredible friendship. Up until the end of junior year, we weren’t very close. But this past summer, we developed our friendship into something that cannot be broken, no matter how far away we are from each other next year.

We all find friends at some point in high school, and luckily for the three of us, TKC helped us build a better relationship. Without it, we wouldn’t see each other and be able to connect for an hour each day. We wouldn’t be here writing this, thinking back on all of our memories together. So, we first want to thank Mr. Eden for giving us this opportunity to grow as people, journalists and develop such a close group of friends.

High school is full of life lessons; for example when you study hours for a psych test only to feel like Gabi after she face planted down the bleachers at a varsity baseball game freshman year. The psych test or Gabi face planting seem like such big problems at the time, but in the big picture, that psychology test isn’t going to kill you. Our friends have been there for us to help us get through those times. They didn’t laugh at us when we failed, except when one of us took an embarrassing tumble. But it was all in good fun.

Sometimes in high school you get into stressful situations where you need someone to help calm you down. Something as simple as when you need help studying for a test or even like when Julia accidentally hit the side of her house with her car. Friends help you through those times. They make those emergency trips to Bread Co. for last minute study sessions worth it.

Our group of friends is made up of six very different personalities who come together to make one distinct group of girls. We know we can always count on any of them to pick us up when we’re down, like when Christian tripped while running to get free Chick-Fil-A in her cow costume. The multiple personalities within our group help bring us together.

Our group chat “Maui-wowi-licious” is always open for venting sessions, impromptu ice cream trips and karaoke sing-off’s to “Miami.” So a big thank you to our best friends Emma Beabout, Katie Brodersen and Molly Hooks. Without you guys we wouldn’t be able to break out into dance every time “Que Viva La Vida” comes on. Without you guys, we would have no one to argue over whether Fro Yo or Yo My Goodness is better. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be us.

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