Senior Profile: Tiffany Jordan

Malayna Vines, photographer

As she was scrolling through emails over spring break, Tiffany Jordan screamed so loudly her father thought someone had broken into their condo. What he did not know was Tiffany just received an email from her dream school: University of California, Los Angeles.

Tiffany toured numerous schools across the country, but UCLA stood out above the rest. UCLA’s campus, psychology program and short distance to the beach made Tiffany’s decision to attend and start her corporate law education simple. Still, until she got accepted into Washington University in Saint Louis, Tiffany was not confident that her dream of getting into UCLA would become a reality.

“I absolutely did not expect to get into UCLA,” Tiffany said. I didn’t start expecting it until I got my acceptance letter to WashU,” Tiffany said. “I knew that [if I didn’t get into UCLA] I would be mad because WashU has a lower acceptance rate. [UCLA] is perfect and has been my dream school for two years.”

As she is ready and excited to move to a new city, Tiffany said she is also looking forward to meeting new people. She dreads the amount of student debt ahead of her, but is determined to enjoy every second of her undergraduate experience.

“I haven’t been worried about anything,” Tiffany said. “I have a lot of self confidence. I’m going to go there, make some friends and then go into law. That’s what is going to happen, no questions asked. It’s such a great place and I will also get to meet lots of cool people.”

Serving as NHS president, participating in class office, peer tutoring and volunteering all helped Tiffany stand out among college applicants, but her teachers credit her acceptance to her fascinating personality and extensive potential. Simao Drew, English teacher, said Tiffany has endless strengths as a student and individual.

“Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she backs it up with her knowledge,” Drew said. “In terms of her potential, I’d say she’s one of the best.

“Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she backs it up with her knowledge,” Drew said. “In terms of her potential, I’d say she’s one of the best.”

She is iridescent, self-aware and [admits] when she needs help. [I’m not surprised she chose UCLA] because she wants to be in a place where she can be surrounded by a lot of different things and perspectives. Tiffany is not one dimensional, and UCLA will be perfect for her.”

Tiffany said she has learned valuable lessons from every teacher she has had and will always respect them. She recognizes Chen Laoshi, Chinese teacher, for always cheering her on.

“I’ve had Chen Laoshi as a teacher for all four years of high school,” Tiffany said. “She is a really good teacher and has always believed in me. She cheers for you when you get something right no matter how big or small it is. My teachers are all [amazing] and I’ve loved every one I’ve had.”

Laoshi said Tiffany is not only an outstanding student, but also an outstanding person who excels at whatever she puts her mind to. Although Tiffany said she has learned so much from Laoshi, Laoshi said she has learned even more from Tiffany and is proud of her for getting into UCLA.

“Tiffany is perfect and I’m just lucky to have her,” Laoshi said. “I’m not surprised that she got into UCLA, and I’m happy she chose to go there. Although, she would be perfect wherever she goes. I wish her the best.”