Senior Column: Ali Randazzo

Ali Randazzo, editor-in-chief

A letter to big sisters from little sisters

To all big sisters,

As a little sister, our job is to annoy you. That’s a given. We may not call enough or answer your texts. We may be over 100 miles away and not live across the hall from each other anymore. But no matter the situation, it’s a given that a big sister is a role model for their little sister. You went through life first and created a path for us. You were the first to go to high school and show us which classes to pick and which teachers to avoid. You got your driver’s license first and told us the exact details of the exam, so when it was our turn, we weren’t as afraid. You were the first to kiss a boy and get a period. You paved the way to make our lives easier.

We must annoy you so much when we steal your clothes, but think of it as a sign of admiration. No? You don’t buy that? In other words, whenever your shirt goes missing and you find it months later in our closet, take it as a compliment that your sister wants to be just like you.

You take the blame countless times when mom and Ddad are mad at us for not putting away the dishes or doing our chores. But, when there is a tragedy in the family and we feel more lost than ever, we lean on you and know you will understand the most.

You let us hang out with your friends when we were young. Just those 15 minutes of playing with older girls made us feel so cool, so thanks for that.

Also thank you for the years of pushing us on the sled and swings and not getting too disappointed when we couldn’t push you back because we were too little (FYI this was all a lie, little sisters could for sure push you back we were just lazy and came up with excuses).

You know exactly what to say and do when we went through girl drama or heartbreak. You’re the first person we call in those situations. If we show up at your work bawling our eyes out because boys were stupid or girls were exclusive, you took us in your arms without any questions asked.

Big sisters are our forever friends. Our first and longest friend. The person we will share our kids and lives with. The person who pushes us to shoot farther than the stars. The person who no matter what, no matter what stupid thing you’ve done, will forgive you. The person who you can call after months of being separated and pick up right where you left off. A little sister is not complete without her big sister. Big sisters determine a huge part of their little sisters character because of the lessons they have taught and mistakes they have made.

Thanks, big sis. As we venture on to our next adventure, we know you’ll always answer our calls. You mean more than you’ll ever know.



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