Senior Column: Annie Murphy

May 10, 2017

Freshman year, about 25 girls sat in a circle on the Commons’ floor eating lunch. After school on Fridays, about 15 girls got together to eat some more food and hang out. Sometimes there was a birthday party, and sometimes they got together to watch a movie on the weekend. Their group chat name was either non-existent or said “46 days till summer.” Now, during my fourth quarter of senior year, there are ten of us. We eat lunch together in SJ or at someone’s house and spend all of our weekends together doing who knows what. Our group chat is called “Boodacious Besties,” (created by Cece and Natalie), but is sometimes changed for a special occasion. This is a tribute to the girls who have kept me sane.

Ali, Alissa, Audrey, Cece, Celia, Clare, Erin, Kara and Natalie are all a part of the group that has played a very large role in who I am today. Because I am Irish, I thought it might be necessary to include this quote by an Irish Proverb: “A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have.” True stuff, right? This friend group took a while to form, but now that we’re together, life has never been better. Though they may not recognize it, these friends have all contributed in huge ways to making my high school experience the best it could be.

The Boodacious Besties, like all friend groups, have had troubles. Some troubles included Erin yelling at me for tripping her when state was in just one week. Or when we couldn’t decide on a place to eat, or even when a picture was posted on Instagram someone didn’t like.
But, the positives outweigh the negatives, and I have to say there have been plenty of positives. I have spent a countless number of days laughing till I cry, and I owe that to Alissa’s weird sayings, Cece’s one-woman shows and Celia’s jokes that no one understands. I don’t know how I would survive work without songs about toppings made by Ali and Natalie or life in general without Clare’s motivational speeches. I love social situations with Erin and her awkwardness in addition to going on Twitter only to see Kara has gotten 1st place in another sport (she’s a rockstar). I also enjoy singing the song “Wuthering Heights” to Audrey because it’s her favorite. If you ever see her, please be sure to sing it loud and proud.

I have to say, I don’t know if I knew the definition of true friendship before I met the nine girls I spend most of my days with. They have helped me become a better person, they have challenged me in my faith and values and they have allowed me to find out who I am. I hope that as I get older, I can be half the friend to others that they are to me because that would already be good enough. To my Boodacious Besties: thank you.

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