Senior column: Kate Hennessey

Kate Hennessey, sports editor

In high school you’re thrown into a world of decision-making in an attempt to find out what’s important to you. Go join those three clubs and attend nothing but the first meetings for them. Go to that TKC interview even though you’re absolutely terrified. When they ask you what you could bring to the staff try not to blush bright red and freeze on the spot. When you bomb your first Honors Geometry test (and not bomb like a 76, but bomb like a 55), go to Mr. Booth and find a way to pass. When you’re sitting in French class for the second day and realize you’re so behind it’s not even funny, take a chance and switch to Chinese. You’ll walk into class with them singing words you can’t make out, but it will become your favorite class.

Finally, what might be the most important decision of high school: pick track, not soccer. The day of spring sport tryouts you’ll be going back and forth on the two and finally decide by lunch to get a practice card. When you walk into that wrestling room, completely overwhelmed by the amount of people, keep going. I’m not going to lie, the first season will be full of confusion and learning the most basic principles of track and field. Block starts. Hand offs. Relays. Exchange zones. Please for the love of God, run on your toes when you’re sprinting. But soon you’ll do enough ladders, hurdle drills and road runs to make it to the state meet. Believe it or not, you’ll even medal in an event that three years ago you weren’t aware existed. You’ll find a passion for track that’s going to carry you to college.

I know freshman Kate felt life was very open-ended and knew nothing of her future, but know that things work out. You’ll get the opportunity to try so many things, some you’ll love and some you’ll hate. Just remember to learn as much as possible and listen to your mom even when you really don’t want to.