Senior column: Adele Baughman

Washington State University majoring in Management Information Systems and Marketing

Adele Baughman , web managing editor

Like every other freshman, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into KHS on my first day of high school. Doing something new and different has never intimidated me and I already had a solid group of friends; I felt ready for high school. But high school is nothing like the movies, and I quickly learned that having priorities is key to succeeding. So I turned my goals into something I have always loved to do: travel. After I had saved up enough money throughout high school, my summer going into senior year soon became focused on preparing for the three weeks I spent doing service and exploring Peru through Global Leadership Adventures.

I flew to Peru not knowing a single person I would be spending the next three weeks with. This was the first time I felt like I had no control over a situation. But living in a different culture surrounded new people was nothing but liberating for me. I felt free to act like myself because there were no set expectations anyone had of me. This allowed me to form the most genuine friendships. Through a three-day trek, hours of service and a weekend spent hiking our way up to Machu Picchu, my friendships continued to grow. And now, though we are all living in different places around the world, and have spent months apart, the friends I made in Peru are some of the first I turn to when I need help with anything.  

My freshman self would have never dreamt of the amount of amazing adventures I would experience or the people I would meet throughout the four years of high school. I want to thank all my KHS friends. The last four years would’ve meant nothing without having you all there to experience it with. Now, as I am about to become a freshman again, I look forward to all the opportunities I have yet to face.