Senior column: Bridget Snider

Bridget Snider, Print Managing Editor

Some say there are two types of people: those who embrace the future and those who fear it. My last four years at KHS have shown me that I’m most definitely the second type. As a freshman, the idea of ever being a senior seemed quite foreign to me. I saw my older brother graduate and felt as though it would take centuries for me to get to that point. But now here I am, writing my senior column for our last issue of TKC, and it still doesn’t seem real. Do not get me wrong, I’m excited to leave high school, where I constantly feel like I’m lesser than everyone else, but what happens when I go to school 2,000 miles away? Who is to say that those insecurities won’t follow me across the country?

Freshman and sophomore year consistently made me feel like I was swimming upstream, that no matter what I did or who I was friends with or what sporting events I went to, I could never fit in. But that feeling changed junior year when I joined TKC as a features writer, and my life hasn’t been the same since. Being a part of something so powerful and influential made me feel connected to the school that previously seemed so distant to me. I found my niche in SJ, and even though I only really talked to one other person in class junior year (shoutout to Kate), being in that atmosphere always gave me a sense of security.

Fast forward to today, where even though I’m in charge of tracking print deadlines for our 90 person TKC staff, I’m also afraid. Afraid of leaving behind the school, the friends and the comfort I have found at KHS. My years here have been filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. From running flags at football games to losing one of my closest friends just this year, my experiences have shaped me into the person I am today. And although that person is a fearful one, one who’s afraid of leaving behind the memories that have been made here, the person I’ve become today is also excited to take those memories into the unknowns of the future. Life is full of what if’s and unexpected challenges, and even though the future is scary, it’s full of possibilities.

Even though practically everyone says this, it still remains true; freshman year me would never imagine being where I am today, but that’s OK. I’m afraid of the future but I’m going to conquer it. Whether I’m 2,000 miles or two minutes away from KHS, this will always be my home. A home that I will cherish for years to come for the impact it has had on me and my character. Thank you for four weird years, KHS. And thank you TKC for pushing me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to find my passions. BR17N forever. Peace out.