Senior profile: Orlandis Coats and Stephen Manley

College: Missouri Baptist University Majors: Undecided and Education

Malcia Greene, Features writer

The two boys from middle school nobody ever imagined becoming friends, Orlandis Coats and Stephen Manley, seniors, turned their friendship into a brother-like bond throughout the course of high school. Both boys have always had a for passion singing. And through the realization of their ability to make others happy, they created an Instagram account, better known as OS Singing.

Manley believes their love for OS stems not from the vocal process itself, but what lies beneath the surface. As far as a friendship goes, they said their love for singing only made the process of harmonizing together even more enjoyable.

“We’re always kind of silly, joking around, having fun and connecting with people,” Manley said. “We say a lot of the same things too, which can get a little freaky now and then.”

Next to their caring personalities, the duo made it their goal to bring nothing but absolute happiness to the faces of their viewers, rounding close to 7,000 followers. Trying to connect with their audience brings them a sense of satisfaction.

“People don’t realize the kind of positive impact we feel when our peers tell us, ‘Oh my gosh, you guys have to make more of this,’” Coats said. “Even the little things as simple as messaging us sweet stuff in the comments below each video.”

David Cannon, choir teacher, has taught both students in his class. He claims they are better together, typically how most musicians that double as best friends tend to be.

“For quite some time now I’ve seen the development of both of their larger personalities,” Cannon said. “The two bring a different set of assets to the table, yet it’s clear how much fun mixed with hard work they can put into anything they work at in the classroom.”

Had it not been for the men’s choir class, the likeliness of these two ending up stumbling upon their love for acapella amazement would be significantly lower. As well as the probability from their inseparable devotion for one another today.

OS Singing is more than an Instagram account for these boys. For friends as close as Coats and Manley, they have proven that it is a way of life.

“The connection each they have together is honestly unlike any other I’ve seen here at [Kirkwood],” Cannon said. “You can tell they have a bond that will never be broken.”