Senior profile: Xenaira Arguedas


De Lila Green

Art by Laurel Seidensticker. Xenaira Arguedas has been dancing her whole life, both with her dance studio and the KHS dance team.

Bailar, danser, tanzen, to dance.

Xenaira Arguedas speaks three languages and is currently learning her fourth. She was taught Spanish and English at home and attended a French immersion school from second through fifth grade. In high school, she began taking German. Throughout her life, however, her constant language has been dance.

“Dance is the one [activity] that stuck because I love music,” Arguedas said. “I love that within dance, there were so many ways to express myself through different types of music.”

Claire Beck, senior, met Arguedas in third grade. They danced at the Dance Center of Kirkwood and became close friends in high school. She admires how compassionate Arguedas is.

“One of my favorite things about [Xenaira] is that she cares a lot about everybody and she’s extremely considerate,” Beck said. “[She’s] one of the most considerate people I know. There’s no other way to put it. It’s really amazing.”

Arguedas and Beck have been on the KHS Pommies team for three years. Arguedas was a captain this year. She said her time in dance has benefited her in all aspects of her life.

Within dance, there were so many ways to express myself through different types of music.”

— Xenaira Arguedas

“[Dance] has helped me with time management because you have to be at performances on time,” Arguedas said. “It has helped me learn to be more open with other people my age because I was more of a reserved, shy child and dance really helped me get to know more people.”

Katie Bekebrede, varsity Pommies head coach, said Arguedas is an extremely respectful communicator. She said Arguedas was able to use her skills well this year to compromise and make the best of situations.

“We’re going to miss her,” Bekebrede said. “She’s got so much going for her and I’m excited to see where she goes and what breakthroughs she’ll make. I hope the best for her.”