No more summer homework for KHS

Amara Harper, features writer

“It’s on the same lines as no homework weekends,” Havener said.

Recently, at a KHS staff meeting, Dr. Michael Havener, KHS principal, made the decision that summer homework for any class will no longer be required. This rule applies to regular classes as well as AP and honors level courses, according to Havener.

“It’s on the same lines as no homework weekends,” Havener said. “Students will have the opportunity to read on their own, catch their breath [and] reset. That doesn’t mean there are not opportunities to learn. We’re going to have more conversations with teachers in days and weeks.”

This concept is still in the works and has many elements not yet fully figured out. Most importantly according to Havener, the importance of learning is still crucial even if there is no mandatory homework.

“We want to give students an idea on how learning can look over the summer,” Havener said. “Whether it’s travel or going to different events around [Kirkwood], working or going outside for a walk. Hopefully in the end we can have ideas of what students can do that’s not homework or turning something in on the first day.”

As well as highlighting the continuation of learning over the summer, Havener also said the importance of reading over the summer is essential. According to Havener this is one of the most important part of this new policy.

“First and the most important thing [about the new policy] is not underestimating the importance of reading over the summer,” Havener said. “Reading is extremely important and students should continue to read.”

According to Havener, the main reason behind this decision was to put students’ mental health first. The no summer work policy is the first step in that process.

“What brought us to this decision was an ongoing social [and] emotional aspect of school and allowing students to learn in different ways,” Havener said. “It has been a part of the conversation for a while now and some people think this is moving towards no homework. I believe in homework, but there is a right time and place for it and the summer is not that time.”