10 quick facts about Turkey Day

10 quick facts about Turkey Day

Adam Rose, sports writer

1. The first Turkey Day game was played in 1907. Kirkwood won 5-0.

2. In 1938, fights broke out between about 200 Kirkwood and Webster students a few weeks prior to the game.

3. In 1952, The Frisco Railroad Company donated the 400 pound Frisco Bell the teams use as a prize, and has been given to the winner after every game ever since.

4. The loser of the game receives the Little Brown Jug. The concept was taken from Michigan-Minnesota game, where the jug is awarded to the winner. In Turkey Day, the loser receives the jug. This tradition began in 1940.

5. The Little Brown Jug was stolen by a Webster alum in 1974. He found the jug unattended by the pool near Moss Field and hid it in the pool until he returned later at night and took the Jug. The Jug was taken to a few parties then hidden in the thief’s attic until it was dropped off at PJ’s Tavern in Kirkwood in 1993.

6. The game is the oldest enduring Thanksgiving day football rivalry west of the Mississippi River.

7. The game was suspended after a 7-0 Webster win in 1924 due to a riot between fans and did not restart until 1927.

8. Turkey Day was originally planned by school administrators as a safer alternative to gang fights between the schools.

9. The first game played between the two JV teams was in 2002. Kirkwood won 28-14 behind two, first quarter touchdowns from 14-year-old freshman Jeremy Maclin. Webster went on to win the Class 5 State championship.

10. Webster leads the all time series 54-40.

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