Athlete Of The Week: Matt Maury


Swimming is a sport where individual athletes can qualify themselves for championships without, except for in relays, relying on other members of the team. However, Matt Beasley, boys’ swimming head coach, said Matt Maury, senior captain, excels at pushing his teammates as well as himself in his goal to qualify for multiple state events this year.

“I look for him to lead us on a daily basis and at meets to be that voice to take knowledge from,” Beasley said.

Maury has swam four years at KHS after moving from California. Maury said he feels good about his progress in the sport, but he did not know he would end up becoming a captain.

“We get two choices, and it was probably between me and four or five other people that I think could’ve been really good captains, so it was kind of a surprise,” Maury said.

Beasley, however, sees Maury as possibly the best athlete on the team. While he has not calculated the totals, he believes Maury has been the team’s leading scorer thus far in the season.

“If he doesn’t swim well, we might not win the meet,” Beasley said. “I can use him in quite a few different places.”

Maury’s last season as a Pioneer is coming to a close, but he has already qualified for state in the 100 meter butterfly.  He and Beasley agree it was an unexpected accomplishment since Maury is primarily a freestyle swimmer.

“I was not trying to [qualify for the 100 meter butterfly], but it just happened, so it was pretty cool,” Maury said.

Despite his accomplishments, Maury said his favorite part of the swim team is his relationship with his coaches and teammates.

“My favorite part is the atmosphere,” Maury said. “We care about swimming, but we also joke around and have a lot of funny memories.”

Maury said he also enjoys his relationship with Beasley. He said it does not even feel like Beasley is a coach sometimes.

“It’s almost like a relationship of friends which is really cool,” Maury said.

Both Maury and Beasley hope Maury will earn a spot in more events before the state meet. Regardless, Beasley had a lot to say about Maury’s legacy on the team.

“He’s a pretty positive guy, and he’s one of the guys who kind of gets it,” Beasley said. “Whether he’s feeling bad or great he’s usually pushing himself pretty hard, so he’s very coachable and a very hard worker.”

Since the time this was written, Maury qualified in the 200 meter freestyle and the 500 meter freestyle to further solidify his place in this year’s state meet Friday, Nov. 7.