Fast lane to state

February 8, 2016

She gets into her swimsuit, warms up with her team and begins to swim. Since third grade Victoria Coombs, freshman, has swum year-round and said she has learned many lessons she would not have learned without swimming.

“[Swimming] pushes me to do to better not just in swimming but in [school],” Coombs said. “It takes as much effort as you give, and that [encourages] me to give as much effort as I can in everything else.”

Coombs said she has enjoyed swimming with KHS because her teammates make it a fun environment by making funny jokes or telling stories about what happened at school that day to make a hard practice more enjoyable.

She describes the people in the program as her family because they are always willing to help her out by pushing her to go higher than Coombs thinks she can go.

“[Coach Beasley] will correct you and tell what you what you did wrong, and [it helps you to] think about your swimming more and helps you to slow down, think about what you are doing and what’s happening,” Coombs said.

Matt Beasley, girls’ swimming coach, said he has not only coached Coombs at KHS, but also when she swam on the Parkway Swim Club five years ago. Coombs said one of her goals she has achieved throughout the season is that she has been dropping times consistently.

“She brings in quite a bit of experience, has a really good attitude and works really hard,” Beasley said. “I think she has definitely been a great addition to the team this year.”

Beasley believes Coombs has the potential to qualify for state, although she is still hovering around state cuts. For the 200 IM the state cut off is 2:18 and Coombs time is 2:22.

He said she has upcoming meets, where she will swim her two best events including 200 free and the 100 Free and will likely qualify in state events individually and be a part of a state relay.

The state cut off for the 100 Free is 56 seconds and Coombs has a time of 58 seconds so she needs to cut off 2 seconds of her time in order to make the cutoff.

Katie Brodersen, junior, met Coombs on the first practice of the season and said they have been friends ever since. Brodersen said Coombs has shown to be a great teammate and always has a positive attitude.

“I’ve never seen [Victoria] without a smile on her face,” Brodersen said. “Whenever practice gets to the point that you wanna complain you can just look over at her and her smile will make you smile.  She will [always be the one] to ask you about your race and that is the kind of person she is. If you see her in the hallway, she [will] go out of [her] way to say hi to you.”

Coombs said she has many goals she has yet to achieve for this season and for the rest of her high school career, one being to get a state cut in the 200 IM, 200 Free, 100 Free and 50 Free. Although she said she has met many people through swimming, she said she wants to bond with the team even more.

“[My main goal for my high school career is] to become a leader and be there for other people like they were for me as a freshman,” Coombs said.

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