Where do the Rams fans go to hideaway?

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Where do the Rams fans go to hideaway?

art by Lizzie Stobbe

art by Lizzie Stobbe

art by Lizzie Stobbe

Holden Foreman, web editor

I took a firm stance on football in a TKC article published Jan. 28, 2015. The St. Louis Rams, I claimed, could easily expand profits and popularity in the alluring market of Los Angeles, the nation’s second largest city. So, it seemed a no-brainer that the team would return “home,” where it played from 1946-94 (though the Rams were actually founded in Cleveland in 1936). Fellow staffer, Ryan Davidson, wrote such a move could never justifiably occur. Surely the “Greatest Show on Turf” had earned their stay in St. Louis. In fact, one third of students at the time (110/334) said they had no idea a move was possible. What else can I say? I told you so.

Admittedly, I wrote the article “Rams return to Golden State Glory” without understanding the true implications. I envisioned a bittersweet departure, in which we could bid farewell on happy terms with a team that gave so much to the city and wish its members luck in their new chapter. Instead, we were treated to a Stan Kroenke soap opera complete with deceit, dismay and utter disappointment. St. Louis’s interest in Rams football fell faster than jersey prices, and I already find myself in the minority cheering for Kroenke’s team (not Kroenke himself, mind you). So, for those who took the chance to escape the Rams’ trail of tears, I compiled a list of potential teams to cheer for when the NFL season kicks off Thursday, September 8.

In the end, you can choose to remain loyal to the Rams, pick another team or give up on football entirely. If you aren’t a Rams fan for life, at least now you have the tools to search for a new franchise to follow.


imgresusephoto courtesy of Wikimedia via a Creative Commons License


The Kansas City Chiefs

I’ll start with an obvious choice: The Kansas City Chiefs. For anyone living under the world’s loneliest rock, Jeremy Maclin played for KHS from 2002-06 and then Mizzou from 2006-08. Raised in Kirkwood, the wide receiver remains legendary among students and staff. Plus, since he left the Philadelphia Eagles for the Chiefs in 2015, Maclin now plays for Missouri’s only NFL team. If any one man can draw Kirkwood’s former Rams fans their way, Maclin can. And the Chiefs finished 11-5 last season, so prepare for some potential rockin’ playoff parties.


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Minnesota Vikings

Still, KHS has a more recent representative in the NFL: Mycole Pruitt. Drafted in 2015 by the Minnesota Vikings, the tight end was ranked fourth in the draft in his position by CBSSports.com’s Dane Brugler. While Pruitt may not be homegrown like Maclin–the Viking hails from South Bend, Indiana and played college ball for Southern Illinois–his recent history on Kirkwood’s football, basketball, volleyball and track & field teams makes him an equally qualified alumnus to cheer for. Like the Chiefs, the Vikings held a 11-5 record last year, and the young team shows playoff promise for years to come.


big_red_cardinals_training_facility_april_21_2009photo courtesy of Wikimedia via a Creative Commons License


Arizona Cardinals

Finally, for all the Kroenke haters out there, the Arizona Cardinals may be the team for you. Rooting for the Rams’ rivals provides every opportunity to rain on money-hungry Kroenke’s parade.

“Why not the San Francisco 49ers or Seattle Seahawks?” one may ask.

For starters, everyone likes the Seahawks, and the 49ers’ winning ways seem long gone. Arizona, on the other hand, ended last season with a 13-3. Plus, the Cardinals have a secret weapon: their own history in St. Louis. Yes, the Arizona Cardinals are actually the relocated St. Louis Cardinals, who played football in the city from 1960-87 before the Rams arrived.

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