Photo gallery: varsity girls’ basketball

Audrey Berns, photographer

Varsity girls’ basketball started their season Nov. 7, and are preparing for their first game of the season. “Being a freshman on varsity is tough,” Natalie Bruns, freshman, said. “I definitely feel some pressure because I’m playing with girls that have such a high level of talent, but [I’m] excited to play with such great coaches and teammates.”

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  • Ashley Anderson, junior, does a layup during a conditioning drill.

  • Abby Ludbrooke, sophomore, gets ready to pass the ball to her teammate.

  • Emily Kreidler, junior, shoots a free throw during a drill.

  • Jayla Everett, junior, tries to push past her teammate and get to the basket.

  • Gabby Sousou, senior, shoots a basket from half court.

  • Kellie Gilmore, senior, blocks her teammate from passing her and getting to the goal.

  • Natalie Bruns, freshman, does a layup during a scrimmage.

  • Lola Bracy, senior, dribbles the ball down the court.

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