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Turkey Day 2016 preview

Zachary Clingenpeel

Turkey Day 2016 preview

November 24, 2016

With a chili cook-off, community pep rally and football game, Thanksgiving week is full of Pioneer pride. This year, KHS celebrated their win at the Missouri Class 6A Football State Championship, Nov. 18 at Faurot Field in Columbia, Mo. And hopefully this week they will have another reason to celebrate. The Turkey Day Game will be held at Webster Community Center Thursday, Nov. 24 at 12 p.m. As of 2015, Webster Groves leads the all-time series 53–45–5. But the Pioneers are coming off a 2016 record of 12-1, while the Statesmen struggled this year with a record of 3-6. This is also the first opportunity for the varsity team to win both the State Championship and the Turkey Day Game, since the state game was a week earlier than usual this year.

Top 10 Reasons Kirkwood Will Win…

  1. Has Coach Ice melted on the hot seat yet?
  1. Webster wanted the Cubs to win the World Series. At least the Cubs could end their drought, but the Statesmen…
  1. Couldn’t get enough of Jeremy Maclin? Don’t worry, we have another one. Have fun with Jay for three more years (you won’t).
  1. Last year, The Echo said “Webster players are real men who play on a grass field.” With a whopping ONE home win this year, that didn’t turn out too well, did it?
  1. When we heard there were clowns roaming the streets, we went out and looked for Webster’s offense.
  1. The Pioneers defeated Lafayette, Pattonville and Ritenour by a combined score of 105-45 this year. The Statesmen lost to the same three teams by a combined score of 85-46.
  1. Webster’s September: L, L, L and L. Kirkwood’s September: W, W, W and W.
  1. Webster played a real thriller in their first round loss to Pattonville 30-28. In our first playoff game we thought we’d have some fun too, so we won 58-6.
  1. Kirkwood’s Class of 2017 has routed Webster’s in the past three Turkey Day games, with a combined score of 113-19.
  1. Oh, yeah, and Kirkwood is the Missouri Class 6A Football State Champion. Need we say more?



KHS Farrell Shelton, 2 years

2016 Record: 12-1

Webster Groves Cliff Ice, 12 years

2016 Record: 3-6


2015 Turkey Day Game:

KHS defeated Webster Groves 42-13


KHS Seniors:

Reece Goddard, quarterback

Perry Jones, wide receiver

Joseph Jordan, wide receiver

Vashon Amison, wide receiver

Luke Moore, defensive tackle

Cevon Seymour, quarterback

Jack Ford, defensive back

Antonio Phillips, defensive back

Isaac Moye, defensive back

Tyrie Wiley, defensive tackle

Howard Hayden, defensive tackle

Ivan Barnett, linebacker

Jeffery Hill, defensive end

Spencer Raymond, offensive line

Gavin DeBoor, offensive line

Matt Capriglione, offensive line

Tyresse Norris, offensive line

Caleb Beasley, offensive line

Webster Groves Seniors:

Donovan Daniels, running back

Tamir Caldwell, free safety

Kron Richardson, cornerback

Josh Johnson, wide receiver

Jack Joedicke

Noah Perkins, outside linebacker

Marcell Jones, outside linebacker

Treshon Wagner, middle linebacker

Austin Rodriguez, middle linebacker

Esque Ewing, defensive tackle

Aaron Arnold

Robert Burns

Taran Barber, outside linebacker

Tyron Fantroy



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