Photo gallery: girls’ varsity basketball semifinals

Hannah Cohen and Malayna Vines

KHS girls’ varsity basketball team played Rock Bridge High School in the semifinal round of the Class 5 Show-Me Showdown and went into double overtime March 17. Kirkwood won with a score of 56-60 after two additional four minute overtimes. Makayla Wallace, junior, said that her coaches were a big part of why they won the game. “All of the coaching staff, especially Monica Tritz, prepared us very well for these teams [in the tournament]… it’s just up to us to get the job done,” Wallace said. “[My team] has really fought. There were so many times when we could’ve given up or stopped, a lot of injuries throughout the season. A lot of bumps, blood, sweat and tears that all paid off in the end.” Ashley Anderson, junior, said that she was worried about the outcome of the game but had confidence in her team. “I was nervous, but I knew we could handle it,” Anderson said. “We have had so many hours of tough practices that I knew we were prepared.”


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