Photo gallery: varsity boys’ football vs. Jefferson city 8/25

Kelley Cochran, photographer


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  • KHS varsity football take their starting positions at their first home game vs. Jefferson City, Aug. 25th.

  • Offensive linesmen Chase Kilby, senior, and Tyler Peck, junior, get ready for the next starting position in the game. "Ever since I was a kid, I always liked [football] and grew up watching it so I wanted to play it." Peck said. "[Once I started] playing I enjoyed it so I have [played] ever since,"

  • KHS students have a barnyard theme in the student section at the home football game Aug. 25th. "It's really fun [to see] everyone being a part of the Kirkwood community and celebrating Kirkwood pride together" Abby Vatterott, junior, said.

  • KHS varsity football players stand for the National Anthem before the game begins.

  • KHS Pep Nation and varsity football players make their entrance onto the field, ready to start their first home game on Aug. 25th.

  • Lindsay Kocher and Megan Cleveland, sophomores, and Emma Leeker, senior, stand on the field preparing for the start of the game. Varsity pommies have three practices a week totaling 6 hours. "It's really fun and exhilarating to be dancing in front of all those people," Kocher said.

  • Jacob Martine, junior, and Taylor Anderson, senior, stand on the sidelines together. Anderson said she loves being a part of Pep Nation. "I always liked to look up at the student section [in elementary and middle school] and thought they were so cool." Anderson said. "Now I'm [a part] of it and seeing my best friends on the field is a really cool experience,"

  • Maya Bruns, senior, James Luke, freshman, John Miller, senior and Lily Schlarmann, junior, play with the pep band during halftime. "I enjoy [playing at half time]. It can be a little hectic at times, [because] everyone [is] trying to get in their spots and nail everything perfectly, but in the end it usually pays off and we get a pretty good result," Bruns said.

  • Georgia Buchanan, senior, (center) performs with her fellow pommies during halftime. This is her second year as a pommie. "I love dancing because I love performing, and I love being a part of a team." Buchanan said. "It's a great way to get involved at Kirkwood,"

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