Numbers don’t lie

Daniel Kim, sports editor

The Pioneer football team is off to a great start, fueled by performances from four seniors: Cooper Wise, Arvell Ferguson Jr., Maurice Massey and Martez Jones. Starting the season undefeated, KHS is number four in STLToday’s Top High School Football Teams Ranking. Numbers don’t lie, these senior players has potential to lead the team to the State Championship.

Maurice Massey #1

Wide Receiver

Height: 6 foot 4 inches

Weight: 185 pounds

Season stats through first three games*:

335 receiving yards

2 receiving touchdowns0

16 average yard per catch

44.5 total return yards per attempt

3 touchdowns

With a frame of 6 foot 4 inches, Massey is an aerial threat who can burn opposing defense with his speed. A transfer from Francis Howell North and first time wearing red and white this August, he is familiar with finding himself in the end zone with 29 career touchdowns. The Mizzou commit has accumulated 3,196 total yards** over his first three seasons, equivalent of running more than seven laps on a track.

*All the stats are from

**Including passing, rushing, receiving, and returning yards.


Cooper Wise #16


Height: 6 foot 2 inches

Weight: 180 pounds

Season stats through first three games:

50 passes completed out of 68 attempts

692 passing yards

192 rushing yards

8 total touchdowns

139 passer rating

Wise is a dual-threat quarterback capable of penetrating the defense with his passes that thread the needle. Processing a high football IQ, excellent footwork and extraordinary athleticism, Wise is a menace inside and out of the pocket. Wise also showcased his athletic prowess on track, as he holds KHS record for high jump. In his first season as starting quarterback, he proved his quarterback abilities with six touchdowns and zero interception in three games. Wise has offers from Air Force Academy, Butler University and University of Dayton.


Arvell Ferguson Jr. #15

Defensive End

Height: 6 foot 5 inches

Weight: 215

Season stats through three games:

15 tackles

5 tackles per game

6 tackles for loss

3 sacks

With the frame of a wide receiver and the strength of an offensive lineman, Ferguson has the agility to beat the opposing linemen and strength to power through them. According to, Ferguson has the fastest 20-yard shuttle out of all the defensive ends in the national recruiting with 4.00 seconds. Three-star athlete and number 29 on 247Sports list of top football recruits of senior class, Ferguson looks forward to furthering his career in University of Missouri.


Martez Jones #4

Running Back

Height: 5 foot 10

Weight: 205 pounds

Season stats through two games:

244 rushing yards

4 touchdowns

7.6 yards per carry

Don’t let his built physique fool you, Jones’s high-octane rushes can and will burn linebackers to dust. With 7.6 yards per carry this season, Jones is a reliable ball carrier who can promise a solid gain for the Pioneers. His best attributes are finding an opening between the linemen and powering through the D-line. It’s going to be a big year for Jones, who already contributed 244 rushing yards and three touchdowns in three games.