TKC not releasing annual ’10 reasons Kirkwood will win the Turkey Day Game’ for 2018

TKC Staff

After extensive consultation from the TKC staff, we have decided not to release our annual list of 10 reasons why Kirkwood will beat Webster in the Turkey Day Game. Out of respect for the hard-fought 0-9 season put up by the Statesmen (that’s right, zero wins), listing reasons for Kirkwood’s imminent victory feels excessive. Considering the Pioneers scored more than 24 points every game this year and the most Webster scored was 14, we do not find it necessary to explain in detail why Kirkwood will dominate. It’s simple mathematics. The gap only widens when we look at the defenses; the Statesmen allowed 347 total points this season, while Kirkwood allowed just 269. Led by seniors and Mizzou commits Arvell Ferguson and Maurice Massey, as well as versatile quarterback Cooper Wise, Kirkwood will roll to their sixth consecutive win this Thanksgiving. Oh, and did we mention the Pioneers actually have a win?

Besides, The Webster Echo decided on their own to end the tradition of publishing 10 reasons for either team over the past few years. When it is our turn to publish the annual Turkey Day Magazine next year, you can expect our 10 reasons to be back in full swing. We will again invite The Echo staff to submit their list to honor this long-standing tradition and hope they say yes. That is, if we feel like they are worth stating. Maybe if Webster wins a game.